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Welcome creative souls! We are Dave and Andi Daniel, the creators behind Jabberwock Emporium.

Dave’s love of art started in childhood, fed by a kindhearted comic book artist who took the time to encourage him. He now has art and design degrees from AIU in Atlanta and Ars Sutoria in Milan and has been published worldwide. His medium is acrylic, and his work is done the old school way – with a paintbrush! All of his gorgeous originals are available as prints, and he does take on commissions on occasion, so please feel free Contact Us if you have something specific in mind. Dave’s work has been seen  in games like Rifts and Travellor, and publications by Hero Games and Hex Games, along with various magazines and books.

Andi creates the upcyled geekery you see, including all jewelry and plastic bag creations.  Her first foray into the world of upcycled crafting came when a steampunk artist friend ordered the wrong size gears by accident, ending up with a retiring watchmakers supply of tiny bits. He gave them to her with the instructions to “find something to do with these.” Thus, clockwork trees were born! Her love of experimenting with nontraditional waste materials grew to encompass doll eyes, junk mail, and ultimately led her developing a technique for creating with plastic bags. All wands, mandrakes, monsters, and other creatures are made with this technique, keeping plastic bags out of our landfills and oceans.

For a selection of our handcrafted jewelry and art, check out our Etsy Shop