Steampunk Jewelry, Clockwork Trees, Original Art

Jabberwock Emporium started with our signature Clockwork Trees, made by stripping down defunct power cords,
audio cords, etc.  We use the wire to twist the tiny trees you see inside the dome.  The first clockwork trees
were made using tiny gears obtained from a retired watchmaker.  Since then, our steampunk jewelry creations have
expanded to include beads, eyes, skulls, and anything else fun that comes our way.  Jabberwock Emporium itself has
evolved into a place for the creative, interesting, and unique, with an eye toward vintage and upcycled goods,
often with a steampunk or geek aesthetic.

  • The best way to get updates about Jabberwock Emporium is through our Facebook Page.
  • If you’re in the St. Louis area and would like to see our items in person, we attend a number of festivals and conventions, mainly in summer and fall months.  You can see our full schedule on our Where We’ll Be page.
  • For a selection of our handcrafted jewelry and art, check out our Etsy Shop.
  • If you’re interested in vintage collectibles and comic books, check out our Ebay store.